On July 7th 2005 I was one of the Londoners to experience the bombing at Kings Cross tube station. That morning I found myself on the carriage behind the one that was bombed, in which 26 people lost their lives.

I have never publicly spoken about the attack, but now that the 10th year anniversary of the bombings is approaching, I would like to create a 3 minute animated film to share my personal experience of what happened on that day.

To help me visualize and animate these events I have teamed up with my old colleague and fellow animator Eduarda Lima.

We have already been awarded some of the funding for this project by the Arts Council of England, but in order to receive these funds, as one of the grant's conditions, we need to raise a at least £1,500 by ourselves.

To achieve this we are crowdfunding the project. Please have a look at my kickstarter page.

There are a number of ways you can participate so please have a look at the list of pledges to find what we have to offer you back. Our aim is to complete the film in time for the 7/7 anniversary next year.

This film is about more than just personal catharsis and sharing an experience.

Its about an act of remembrance, tribute and gratitude...

I worked with Aboud Creative on 'Inside Pauls Head' at the design museum and created the journey into his head.

Client: Aboud Creative, Paul Smith
Direction: Aboud Creative

I created this animation for the charity, Mind. We worked together on the script... I produced the film, designed, storyboarded and made the sound design.

I am pleased to say that the video has now had over 100,000 views on YouTube!!

Client: Mind Charity
VO: Matt Johnsons

I created this short film with Aboud Creative using a mixture of archive images and footage.

Client: Aboud Creative, Hasselblad